BMW Headquarter – Study 2

BMW Headquarter – Study 2

To the point  – the BMW headquarter in a black and white series.

BMW Headquarter – Study 2

The building provides a contrast. A contrast to the sky. A contrast to the surroundings.

Especially in the morning sun, the aluminum façade glows and shines bright white.

Through the viewing angle from the bottom, it looks like the towers hover. This is due not only to the viewing angle but also to the construction method. A cylinder is attached to the top of a cantilever arm and is held in the center by a steel column. A really impressive use of the structural elements.


pictorial style

One more word about my pictorial style. I designed a black and white style specifically for this series. This differs in my previous pictures in that point a blue tone was inserted into the final processing, I call it “BMW blue”. This makes the building more stylized, but also more personal.

Not only digital but also in print, this color is truly incredible. I’m surprised myself by this little pinch color. I’ll probably experiment with it now more often.

If you do not follow me on Instagram yet, you will not have seen it. I am going to contribute my pictures at an exhibition in Kulmbach. I will write something here on my blog, but on Instagram (@timon_photography) you get a direct insight into the current work situation, via Instagram Story.

-BMW Munich Headquarter - II [1657]- BMW Vierzylinder Copyright Timon Först, Fotograf für Architektur- und Landschaftsfotografie

-BMW Munich Headquarter – II [1657]-
Copyright Timon Först, Photographer for Architecture and Landscape Photography

Sony A7R, ZEISS Batis 2.8/18
Haida neutral density filter (10-Stops)
Lightroom CC 2015
Photoshop CC 2015
f/16.0, 54s, ISO 50, 18mm

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