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-Timon Först - Copyright Alexander Heinhold

-Timon Först-
Photographer: Alexander Heinhold

About me

The young photographer Timon, based in Bayreuth (BY) in Germany, quickly became a passionate architectural photographer.

Ultramodern and minimalist buildings are his favorite motifs. His photographic style is characterized by minimalism and the highlighting of the materials used in the building. His images are often long exposures that give the immobile and massive buildings a certain lightness.

“I do not just take photograph of buildings. I see it as a kind of art to give buildings an emotion. People Photography is not only reduced to head portraits, it is much more…just as it is with architectural photography.”


2016 Exhibition in the shopping mall “Fritz”, Kulmbach
2016 Exhibition in “castle Thurnau”, Thurnau
2015 Exhibition in “castle Thurnau”, Thurnau


2016 – FotoForum-Award 2016/01 “Architecture” – 2 acceptions (jury selection,  270 of 2703 submitted entries)

2017 – FotoForum-Award 2017/01 “Architecture” – 3 acceptions, 1 honorable mention (jury selection, 340 of 2639 submitted entries)

2017 – ND AWARDS 2016 – 2 honorable mentions. top 58 in category “Architecture – Buildings” | top 87 in category “Fine Art – Landscape” (jury selection of 6422 submitted entries)


2016 – Zeiss Lenspire Blogpost about the Zeiss Batis 2.8/18mm (English)