BMW Headquarter – Study 3

BMW Headquarter – Study 3

Study 3 about the BMW Headquarter. But this time it is not only about the Headquarter.

BMW Headquarter and the Salad Bowl

Directly next to the BMW headquarter in Munich is the BMW Museum and the BMW World. The BMW Museum, which is also known for its shape as a salad bowl or white sausage vessel, is an extraordinary building. Considering that this building was built in 1973, you have to take your hat off to the Austrian architect Karl Schwanzer. The building looks like it has been designed just yesterday. A really impressive example for me, that architects can still set standards for modern architecture.

Karl Schwanzer also designed the BMW headquarter, so it is a synthesis of the arts at the Petuelring in Munich.

Due to the round shape of the BMW Museum, you almost think it is an oversized sculpture, rather than a building.

Later, I will show one of my favorite pictures from the series, which only shows the BMW Museum. I am very excited to show you!

What were my thoughts?

The contrast between the BMW headquarter, which radiates smooth and white through the sun, towards to the rough steel facade of the BMW Museum, is truly awesome. The view wanders from the dark to the light (from left to right) in the image, thereby creating a friendly picture despite the strong contrast.

Due to the perspective, the 25-meter high BMW Museum seems equal to the BMW Building, which is 101-meter high.

The buildings do not seem to be separate, it looks like their were connected because the blurred clouds are between them. The windows in the BMW Museum make, the building more vividly and tangibly.

As in my last picture, my own color scheme “BMW Blue” has been used again in the postprocessing.


-BMW Vierzylinder Munich Headquarter - III [1658]- Copyright Timon Först, Fotograf für Architektur- und Landschaftsfotografie

-BMW Munich Headquarter – III [1658]-
Copyright Timon Först, Photographer for Architecture and Landscape Photography

Sony A7R, ZEISS Batis 2.8/18
Haida neutral density filter (10-Stops)
Lightroom CC 2015
Photoshop CC 2015
f/16.0, 35s, ISO 50, 18mm

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