Neues Tempodrom Berlin – Study 3

Neues Tempodrom Berlin – Study 3

The conclusion of my small series about the Neues Tempodrom in Berlin is in my favorite format: square.

Reduced to the most minimal, packed into a shape that appeals to the eye.


Neues Tempodrom Berlin – Study 3

In this picture, the grayscale of the sky and the grayscale of the roof perfectly harmonize with each other and show only a little contrast between each other.

The sky is only differ by the light on the crown of the roof.

Due to the symmetrical structure of the roof, which is broken by the asymmetrical light of the sky, it directs the eye directly into the sky. It felt as you were looking directly upwards into the sun.


-Neues Tempodrom - III [1651]- Copyright Timon Först, Fotograf für Architektur- und Landschaftsfotografie

-Neues Tempodrom – III [1651]-
Copyright Timon Först, Photographer for Architecture and Landscape Photography

Sony A7R, Canon 17-40mm F4
Haida neutral density filter (10-Stops+3-Stops)
Lightroom CC 2015
Photoshop CC 2015
f/9.0, 91s, ISO 50, 24mm

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  1. Peter Eberhardt

    Hallo Timon,

    alles insgesamt wirklich gelungene Bilder vom Tempodrom. Das Zweite gefällt mir glaube ich am besten, das hat was dynamisches in dem sonst doch recht statischen und meist immer gleich fotografierten Gebäude. Kommt noch mehr aus Berlin?

    LG aus Frankfurt

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