Test: Photos on aluminium – Aluminium/dibond from ZOR.com

Test: Photos on aluminium – Aluminium/dibond from ZOR.com

Photos on aluminum/dibond from ZOR.com

To hold pictures printed in my hand has always been a highlight for me, aluminum/dibond is nothing different. Digitally I like the pictures, but only with a print does the picture get a character. Only through the roughness on the surface and the light of the environment, the picture become a real picture.

A material that I have not tried yet is aluminum/dibond – a print on the metallic surface, reinforced with a composite material. This material has the great advantage for architectural photography. The light spots look very metallic.

Disclaimer: This post is not paid. I received a voucher for the product for free testing. My opinion is and remains my opinion.

Note to the pictures: Please keep in mind that I did not make the pictures in a neutral lighting environment but with a warm white lamp. I tried to set the correct white balance in all pictures, so you can see what the colors of the picture are.

Pre Processing

Of course the picture has to be prepared for a print, especially for Aludibond. In addition, ZOR offers an ICC color profile as expected from any professional supplier.

Editing was then done in Photoshop. I made some small adjustments in the dark and light areas (amplified) to increase the contrast in the print.

[sciba leftsrc=”http://timon.photography/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/orginal.jpg” leftlabel=”original image” rightsrc=”http://timon.photography/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/zor.jpg” rightlabel=”finished processing for the print from ZOR.com” mode=”horizontal” width=””]

ordering process

The order process on ZOR.com was amazingly easy. I have been used to ordering images in a separate downloaded application. Of course, I do not have a book layout here, only submit a picture. Nevertheless, I like the simple web interface. You can see everything you need to see.


I was really surprised by the price. For only € 16 you can order an image with the size of 60x40cm. Enormous! At Saal-Digital, this image size costs € 45 and € 68 at WhiteWall – an incredible difference.

I’m skeptical by nature and so I was looking forward to the quality. But as you know, the price does not necessarily have to be related to the quality.


The shipment was carried out by DPD at a DPD Shop my choice. For me, really fine. The shipping costs amounted to € 7.99.

I ordered on Monday 06/11/17 8 pm. Although I received the indication that the production could take about 10 days, I received fortunately already on Friday the 10/11/17 an email that my product was shipped. On Tuesday the 14/11/17 the picture arrived in the DPD shop. So a total of 7 days (if you forsee from the evening order day) – also very satisfying!

packaging & content

Especially with products such as aluminum/dibond is fundamental to ensure that no corners are damaged. The packaging was perfect and the fixation of the picture with the styrofoam cubes gave me a good feeling that nothing could happen to the product.

What I also liked very much: There is no invoice or delivery note included, or a note with my address. This may be interesting for anyone who wants to send the picture directly to the customer.



Now the most important criterion. What excuses a good price and fast/safe shipping if the quality is not right?

Here I can only draw a good conclusion. The quality is inspiring. The aluminum effect looks great with this picture! Only with very close look (last picture), that ZOR should might work with a higher resolution. Maybe this is not possible with this print material. But this is negligible from a normal distance of 20cm.

PS: The Warm White lamp generates in the pictures to slightly reddish spot.


The metallic shimmering on pictures is difficult to capture, so I’ve shot a 4K video for you.


I am glad that ZOR.com has written to me. I did not know this company before.

Price / quality is at 150% and I would like to order my aluminum/dibond prints again! The quality is very convincing. Clear recommendation to you.


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