Wiesweiherhalle Pegnitz – Study 4

Wiesweiherhalle Pegnitz – Study 4

It was time to take a picture of my home – the Wiesweiherhalle Pegnitz.

Wiesweiherhalle Pegnitz

This time I wanted to represent the sports and function hall as a whole. Firstly, it is located on a large lawn that leads to the Wiesweiher, a small park.

On the other hand, a steel structure is also installed in front of the hall to serve as a shadow donor and meeting place.

In the background you can also see the Schlossberg, almost a landmark in Pegnitz.

My point of view

The image in black and white emphasizes the materiality. On the one hand, the environment is not so strongly perceived. On the other hand, through the dark editing the bright materials of the hall to advantage.

I have used a new and elaborate Photoshop workflow for this image to influence the design of the image extremely. I am concerned mostly, as in this picture, not a documentary representation, but the artistic approach.

I alienate the natural, such as the vegetation, to work out a particular purpose. The center is the hall. The center point is how materials are arranged. The focus is architecture.

Let’s see how far I will continue to use this workflow.

wiesweiherhalle pegnitz

-sports hall [1673]-
Copyright Timon Först, Photographer for Architecture and Landscape Photography

>Sony A7R, Samyang 24mm F3.5 TS
Lightroom CC 2015
Photoshop CC 2017
f/7.1, 1/100s, ISO 100, 24mm

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