campus at home – in autumn

campus at home – in autumn

The campus at home in Planegg / Martinsried (Munich) is a hotel located at the IZB. I have visited this lovingly designed building and show you my impressions.

campus at home – in autumn


The campus at home is located at the The Innovation and Startup Center for Biotechnology IZB, which according to own data in the top ten biotechnology centers in Europe.

Unfortunately only visitors of the campus can stay in this hotel, otherwise I would like to get there once;)

The hotel was designed by Stark architects (I love the name probably because it reminds me of Tony Stark;)) and was completed in 2014.

My point of view

I wanted to catch the area around the hotel with my Samyang Tilt Shift lens. By shifting with the lens I straightened the lines.

Through the beautiful autumn colors I decided to integrate the meadow, as well as the tree and shrubs into the picture. The square format makes the hotel a central property.

Due to the light angle and the organic forms of the hotel, however, it does not seem too centered.

-campus at home - in autumn [1671]-

-campus at home – in autumn [1671]-
Copyright Timon Först, Photographer for Architecture and Landscape Photography

Sony A7R, Samyang 24mm F3.5 TS
Haida Graufilter (10-Stops+6-Stops)
Lightroom CC 2015
Photoshop CC 2015
f/8.0, 236s, ISO 50, 24mm

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